Best Golf Drivers For WomenWhen it comes to golf club equipment there are different standards or measurements for the men and the women. This is simply because the physical attributes of men and women vary to a great extents and the measurement of the golf clubs directly depends on the physique of the player. For example height is an instrumental physical quality that directly influences the golf club length. As the average height of the women is shorter than the men, it is quite obvious that the appropriate golf club sizing too will be different for the men and women. There are many other things as well that directly or indirectly influences the making of the golf club for women. Therefore, when we are talking about the best golf drivers for women we must consider the factors that are important from a woman’s point of view.

All About Ladies Golf drivers

Golf Driver For Women – Like any other player of the game the golf club driver is the most important club in the ladies golf club set. It is longest wood in the golf club bag with a bulky head that is capable of hitting the ball for the farthest distance. But that is not all. It should give optimum control of the ball to the golfer and place it at the right place where it should be.

The Length – The best golf drivers for women should be an inch shorter than the standard men’s golf driver. This is because of the height of the women, so that the women players find it comfortable to swing and drive the ball from the tee. As per the industry standards the women golf driver is about 43 inches in length and if the shaft is made of graphite it can be an inch shorter.

The Head – The golf club head is the most important part of the golf club. There are so many things that should be perfect about the head of the club. It should have the proper size, the proper weight and most importantly the weight should be distributed evenly to place the centre of gravity perfectly. The standard golf driver head is about 150 to a55 cc in measurement. If you wish to have a larger sweet spot in your driver that anyone would love to have, you can also go for the large golf driver that usually have a head measurement of about 250 cc. These heads have the largest sweet spot but then they are heavier often creating problem for the lady golfer to control the swing. To eliminate this problem with the weight of the club head the best golf drivers for women are made with forged titanium heads. They are larger as well as light weight.

The shaft – The shaft of the women golf drivers are no less important. The best golf drivers for women come with graphite shafts. The graphite golf clubs are light in weight that ensures that the women players can comfortably handle the club. The enhanced flex of the graphite drivers further makes it easier for the ladies to drive the ball with maximum impact while putting in less effort.