Golf and injuries go hand in hand, just like any other sport. Blisters due to Golf are a trouble. When feel and finesse count to be very important for success; blisters on golf course are specifically troublesome. Blisters are not just awfully excruciating but also interfere and cost you strokes. Usually blisters develop on your hands and feet.  With proper care, you can cure them and keep them at bay. Explore this piece of writing to grab info about dealing and preventing those painful golf blisters.

  • Causes

Friction causes blisters. Also scores of various golf aspects are reasons for blisters to occur. Your hands are blistered when you hold on to the club very tightly; most specifically when you hit several balls on the driving range.

Your golf shoes can also cause blisters by being rubbed on your feet.

  • Treatment during the Golf- Round

If you feel that a blister is developing when you are playing, you want to cure it before it gets worsened. If you are playing without golf gloves, put them on. This curtails the friction between your clubs’ grip and your hands. The place you are feeling a blister to develop, cover it with a piece of tape or bandage.

  • Post-Round Treatment

Make efforts to keep the skin intact, if you get a blister. This keeps infection at bay. In case the skin is broken down, you should clean the affected area and protect and cushion it. For this, you have to apply a gauze piece and bandage to the blistered area. Puncture the blister so that it can drain out if it becomes too throbbing to grip any item or to walk. To do so, sterilize a needle over fire and puncture the blister gently. Immediately after, apply an antibiotic. After some days, trim down the excess skin.

  • Preventive Measures
  1. You can try loosening your grip on the club, but you should look into investing in higher-quality grips, too.
  2. Bandage provides a transitory answer if you golf occasionally. A bandage on blister-prone areas is helpful.
  3. Wear thicker socks to avoid blisters occur to your feet. You can also wear your golf shoes.
  4. To cut down the friction and thus avoid blisters on your hands, wear golf gloves; most especially if you frequently golf. If you get blisters even after wearing a glove, find out if your glove is in perfect condition to protect your hand from blisters.
  5. Before wearing the glove, apply baby or talcum powder on your hand. It is generally observed that right handed golfers wear the glove on left hand and left-handers wear the glove on right hand.

Frequent golfers become prone to blisters that surely interfere with the golfing delight.  Blisters due to golf act as an excruciating obstacle for ardent golfers. If you are amongst the golfers who face these throbbing blisters every now and then, the above account can be of good help for you.

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