Bobby Grace PutterAny golfer who has been around the greens for quite some time would know that a Bobby Grace putter is meant to give you the right putts all the time. If it is the first time that you have heard about Bobby Grace, then you must know that Bobby Grace was originally a classic club dealer who became the leading club dealer in the last 1980s. He began dealing with classic clubs by collecting Ping Anser putters and soon began designing his own range of putters in the early 1900s.

What is a Bobby Grace putter?

A Bobby Grace putter was earlier made out of his own hands and had TS engraved on the face of the putter head. TS stands for “The Saving” as Bobby Grace was an exceptionally religious man. These models of putters has the shapes of heart, diamond or clubs machine stamped on the putters and gave the unique design that branded Bobby grace designs as something different and special. The metal used while designing these putters was black oxide that worked wonders! Bobby Grace putters are mostly mallet shaped with several alignment lines that help a golfer to orient the ball along the line of the putt. The putter head has the centre of gravity towards the end and several grooves and cavities that make the putter light enough for the perfect swing.

Another range of clubs that were designed by the same man were the KBI models that had similar shapes as of Ping Anser putter models. In some of the putters, Bobby Grace has put his little signature to highlight his innovation. These models are therefore, more popular and have higher monetary value.

Bobby grace has designed several putters for Cobra Company where his putters are made of copper, chrome blade or magnesium casts and beryllium as well. Bobby Grace putters are also seen in MacGregor range of golf accessories. The DCTseries of golfing accessories are most popular and have superb designs in the putter heads to deal with any distance as they are capable of controlling the distance from which the golfer attempts to putt. This kind of a Bobby Grace putter has a special soft polymer and milled titanium that presents an excellent feel to the golfer.

Compared to other Golf Accessories, a Bobby Grace putter is most scientific and innovative. It is based on Corrective distance technology that takes the putting field to the next threshold and brings success home. Nobody can deny that putting is a mind game and higher percentage of putting success depends on the confidene level of the player. Bobby Grace putter under any brand, be it Cobra or MacGregor, provides the perfect combo of a good feel and feedback to the player putting the ball well.