Calamity Jane PutterCalamity Jane putter tops the chart of the best putters in the world owing to its superb feel, feedback and impact on the ball. This putter was developed by America’s most famous golfer, Bobby Jones who had become a master in the game of golf using his simple offset blade putter sold by William Winton. It was a 20-year old putter forged by Condie and was given to Jones in 1920. He got duplicate made off this putter which was soon called calamity Jane II. This putter helped Jones win more than 10 of his important championships. His putter Calamity Jane created history of sorts with major trophies in important events being bagged by him. Bobby Jones donated his Calamity Jane to USGA museum. The original Calamity Jane putter can be seen in Augusta National Golf Club.

History Behind Calamity Jane Putter

There is a bit if interesting story behind Calamity Jane putters. Bobby Jones was having a game of golf with his original Calamity Jane putter at Nassau Country Club in 1923. He had mentioned that he was not very sure of how his putting would fare. It was at that time at the behest of Jim Maiden that he began playing with a different putter. He holed a 30-footer quite effortlessly and went on to win the US Open tournament.

In 1930, Bobby Jones took retirement from the field of golf, but continued to provide professional help to Spalding. His tryst with Spalding in designing and developing series of Calamity Jane putters helped Spalding to produce a rage of these putters for the next 40 years. The shaft was made of steel and hickory but none of them could win a major tournament and recreate the magic of Bobby Jones.

Classic Calamity Jane Putters

The popularity of Bobby Jones’ Calamity Jane putter is so vast that people often keep them as their collectible items. Exact replicas of Calamity Jane putters are available online and can be used for effective putting as well. Vintage and Classic calamity Jane putters created by Spalding are also available as part of online bidding and auction. The worth of a true Calamity Jane putter is more owing to the victories bagged by the golf master Bobby Jones. One may not be able to putt as brilliantly as Bobby himself, but the perfect feel and feedback of that putter is worth an investment.