Golf is a sport which demands physical fitness in every sphere. You are not only required to maintain health of your shoulders, back, knees, wrists, elbows etc. but also of your eyes. Undoubtedly, eyes have an instrumental role in golfing. So to seek constant perfection pursuit, you have to sustain good vision. Poor vision curbs down your potential to read greens and affects posture as well. You can’t throw your head and shoulders in appropriate alignment and thus your swing is gravely affected. To avoid such conditions, it is prudent to practice some simple yet effective eye exercises for golf.

Function of Golf Eye Exercises

Are you having good eyesight? Congratulations. But wait. Good eyesight is not enough to make you the champ of golf course. Your eyes may not be efficient to meet the golf ball. The problem may go unnoticed when you are standing after the ball for lining up the putt. The reason is that your eyes are in level with the horizon. But while standing above the ball and looking below, your eyes must converge together on just one point and line up the hole. You fine-tune your head and position to fruitful location if an eye is comparatively weak. Eye exercises train your eyes for working together and thus assuage the issue.

Eye Dominance while Golfing

Determine your eye dominance. It helps to focus on eye exercises. For determining eye dominance straightly hold an arm in front of you and point up your thumb. Keep your eyes open, look at your thumb and line it up with a small object approx. 20 feet far. Redeploy your sight on the object past your thumb. Close the left eye and if you find the object obscured, your right eye is dominant. If your thumb appears to be on the left of that object, you left eye is dominant.
Your vision and performance are affected by distortions created by parallax (somewhat different view from each of your eyes) and eye dominance (seeing more perfectly by one of your eyes). While golfing, you need to have a strong vision as your dominant eye illusions can affect your aim.

Several strategies of dominant eye compensation can help to alleviate the situation. Here, you can position your dominant eye for properly locating while aiming.

Eye Strengthening Exercises

Eye strengthening exercises for golf involve training tasks that heighten your attention to certain visual stimuli. Read through the following lines for such exercises-

  • Developing peripheral vision- Look straight at a spot on a wall. Stretch out your hand in front of what you are looking at. Then swing your hand slowly outwards and sustain concentration on the spot at the same time. Employ your peripheral sight for maintain your hand’s awareness while swinging your hand.

  • Converging on an individual point- Clamp a pen 10-12 inches away directly positioned between your eyes. Concentrate on the pen’s point. Gradually bring the pen nearer to your nose’s bridge, with your eyes attentive on the point and your head stable. When you see double, stop the pen there and bring it back to the starting point. Repeat it thrice.

Another exercise that increases your convergence on a single point is here. Hold a pen10-20 inches placed between your eyes. Concentrate your look on its point. Keep your head firm and with your eyes follow pen’s point as you make the numeral ‘eight’ in the air. Make 20-30 ‘eights’ in less than two minutes.

The above eye exercises for golf are helpful in correcting any problem related to your sight and enhance your performance while golfing. Golf eye exercises are reasonably uncomplicated, swift and can be executed anywhere. Do every round twice or thrice for clear vision while golfing. If golf course sends you an invite every now and then, get your vision improved. You will be the medalist there. Cheers.