Golf Chipping Stance

Chipping and pitching are the two most important and difficult part of playing good golf. A chip shot is generally used when the ball is approximately 5 – 10 feet from the green. Basically chip is the shot which is used to take the ball closer to the green. The key to get good low scores in golf is to have precision in the short game. The first thing for any part of the game is to know the basic fundamentals correctly. The fundamentals for chipping are almost similar to the driving fundamentals but require some modification. More or less every thing remains the same, except the golf chipping stance.

It’s your stance that can make the big difference on the way you hit the ball. A good stance can dictate the distance of your shot. A solid swing is a combination of all the fundamentals like grip, posture, body movement and mental attitude. But apart from all these fundamentals, the thing that matters the most is your stance.

Here are the step by step instructions for getting a good chipping stance:

  • Club Down – The first step to a good chipping stance is to take your grip and place your club head behind the ball. Your aim should be to trying to get the ball as close to the hole as possible. Particularly chip shot relies heavily on your aiming. Also keep your feet together on the ground.
  • Setting Up The Ball – For a good chip shot the ball should always be placed in the middle of your stance. A good ball positioning ensures that club head will swing right through the target line at a proper angle. A little bit left and right can make huge difference in the result of your swing.
  • Spread Your Feet – Now place your club head in the correct position and spread your feet enough but not more than 6 inches. According to your preference you can keep the distance less than 6 inches too but not more than it. For chipping generally narrow stance is recommended because a chip shot requires a loft in the air.
  • Proper Weight Distribution – A good stance can be judged by how much you are balanced before hitting the shot. The best way to judge your balance is to check whether your body weight is spread through equally between your left and right leg. So make sure that your weight must be focused to the center of the stance.
  • Square Your Shoulders – Try to open your feet and hips and finish your setup by keeping your shoulders square. This position will help your backswing go straight back along the target.
  • Full Set Up – Try to shift your body weight on your left foot and then go through with the shot. Also make sure that your hands remain slightly ahead of the golf ball.

If you follow the above describing golf chipping stance instructions then you will develop a rock solid chipping stance. This stance can surely help you in getting great chip shots which ultimately can save a few strokes in your game.