Golf course planning phase consists of analyzing the existing resources of the golf course property. Elements on the golf course like vegetation, soils, topography of the place, are studied in great detail. More stress is given to environmentally sensitive elements such as wet lands, native grass and vegetation. Research regarding every angel of the property should be done while planning the golf course. The slopes at various places and property personality play an important part in golf course planning.

Golf Course Planning

As the study of these golf elements is carried, a creative plan for the golf course is done. It should incorporate the golf course elements. It should develop features outlined on the goals of the golf course owner.

Site analysis undergoes a complete review of all components of the golf property. It includes the geotechnical information, environmental conditions, vegetation inventory, slope analysis and a through investigation of constraints and opportunities. After the information is gathered, then you can take thoughtful advantage of all the opportunities present in the golf property. The golf course should blend well with the landscape. This can be accomplished by creatively emphasizing the natural beauty with the contrast rugged beauty in the nature.

Master plan of golf course

During the planning of golf course project, master planning is an important step. The master plan demonstrates the relationship between golf and all the other amenities of the golf property. It includes residential or commercial development, internal roads, marinas and walking trails. These concepts can then be developed through a thoughtful master plan. This plan is the backbone of the indented golf course design.

The master plan should be developed by a team consisting some or all of the following:

  • Golf course architect
  • Land planner
  • Civil engineer
  • Irrigation designer
  • Landscape architect
  • Ecologist
  • Planning consultant

Planning approval of golf course

The relevant authorities should be approached during the master planning. The required submissions should be done to allow planning approval. The requirement for approval of a golf course differs from state to state. The procedure to obtain planning permission is very lengthy. It is important to understand the approval process and the likely programme at the very start of the golf project. The environmental impact assessment may be required as a part of the approval documentation and is necessary for the design team to complete the detailed design package.

Detailed design phase of golf course

This design phase consist all the specifications and general conditions outlining the information in the plan and provides total direction for the construction of the course.

The plan should also have detailed descriptions regarding the following.

  • Teeing area
  • Fairway and rough
  • Hazards on the course
  • Putting greens
  • Pars
  • Driving range

This design phase consists of preparing detailed drawings of the golf course and all the supporting features. It includes all the minute details and assists while developing the golf course.