Golf Driving Irons

Of all the clubs in your golf club bag, iron is undoubtedly the most used club as the irons are used by the golfers to play different kinds of shots. Whether they are hitting the ball for long distance on the green, or chipping the ball to the putter green or playing shots at the hazards – it is the golf club iron that is used. No wonder the golf clubs set of any golfer has most number of irons and irons are the maximum in variety of the clubs. Beginning with numbered irons to the wedges, there are variety of irons that come with different lofts and different sizes. In a typical golf iron set there are nine numbered irons from 1 to 0 and four different types of wedges – the gap wedge, sand wedges, pitching wedge and the lob wedge. The numbered irons have different loft and sizes and the low numbered irons longer in length. The lowest numbered iron the 1-Iron is often used by the golfers to drive the ball and hence these irons are called the golf driving irons.

As the name suggests the golf driving irons are used by the golfers to drive the ball to long distances. These golf driving irons are often used instead of the fairway woods where the shot demand more precision along with a good carry. The golf driving irons have more resembles with the woods as the primary objective of these irons is to send to ball to long distances. These golf irons have lower lofts so that the ball when hit goes straight and travels as much distance as possible. The longer shafts of the golf driving irons make it easier for the golfers to hit the ball with these irons to greater distance. The 1- Iron that is the driving irons has the lowest loft and the longest shaft amongst the irons. The men’s steel driving iron has a shaft that is as much as 39.5” long and if the shaft is made of graphite it could be about 40” long.

The longer shaft length of the driving irons makes it easier to hit the ball to longer distance. But before you actually buy the iron, make sure that the golf club length is appropriate according to your height. Other wise you will find it difficult to swing the club that will eventually spoil your shot. With the right length of the shaft you can get the proper swing that will definitely help you get the ball to longer distance. Apart from the longer shaft length, the golf driving irons have oversized club heads to give added boost to the ball so that the ball can be carried away to longer distances. But while choosing the heavier golf club heads make sure that you are comfortable with the weight of the head and it is perfect for your swing. Besides all these factors the flex of the shaft is also important for the golf driving irons. The flex should be appropriate with your swing speed otherwise the head can be twisted and spoil the angle of the ball.