A smooth golf swing depends on the overall well-being of your ribs. If your ribs are injured, it is difficult to maintain the smoothness of the golf swing. When a rib cracks, it can be a temporary adieu to the golf greens until it gets completely healed. It is not only excruciating to play golf when a rib is injured, but it is dangerous also. You can be exposed to life-threatening conditions if you try to golf while having an injured rib. To start with golf again, you should give ample time to your rib to recuperate. But prior to take any step towards treatment of the rib, consult a doctor. Here is an insight into golf rib injuries.

Role and Injury of Ribs

Your lungs and heart are protected by ribs that are delicate bones. The ribcage is made flexible because of the cartilage within your breastbone and also between your ribs. It is because of this flexibility that your ribs are able to absorb shock and change positions with the movement of your body.  When any of the rib goes through an injury, it becomes next to impossible to play golf with ease and perfection. Sometimes, a rib injury is not just an injury; it can be a fracture, resulting from immense stress. For instance, if a golf club hits you during the follow-through, any of the ribs might get bruised. Generally, it takes some days to be healed. Fracture takes place if you excessively pressurize your ribs.

Ribs and Golfing

Sometimes rib injuries occur as a result of exhausting and recurring movements of your upper body, as per the studies of various medical centers. Powerful movements and regular swinging for playing golf are included in it. Particularly, driving on a full-sized course from the tee exerts a lot of stress on your ribs. Though, rib injuries are an uncommon health issue found among golfers, in case they happen, the health condition is throbbing. In the worst case, when ribs undergo any sort of hurt or damage, immense pain is experienced while swinging. In certain cases, bruising around the rib affected can also be seen.

Causes of Golf Rib Injuries

It is concluded in a host of researches that rib injuries mostly affect novice golfers. They occur because of poor technique, overuse and insufficient stretching. In the same way, chances of getting a rib injured are manifold by use of wrong paraphernalia. For instance, if you use an excessively long golf club, it may cause you to hit the ground rather than hitting the golf ball, during the course of swinging. This shock can be transferred to your body and bones, causing severe damage to your ribs.

Treatment of Golf Rib Injuries

When a harshly injured rib is provided complete rest of one or two weeks, it can be healed. In case, there is a very slight fracture, it may take about three weeks to be entirely recuperated. You have to be careful enough not to lift heavy things and refrain from golfing throughout the period. If a serious fracture takes place, a rib protector cage is required to be worn for a period of about two months. Simple rehabilitation exercises can be suggested by your doctor that can be instrumental to boost healing.

In a nutshell, it can be said that golf rib injuries can hit any golfer but proper care and treatment can bring you back on the golf greens. Just remember to pay attention to proper posture and address the pain, if you feel some around the area of ribs. By attending to the pain and addressing its underlying causes, you can enjoy being on the golf course for long.