Hip injuries among golfers occur because of twisting and turning movements that are frequent and are demanded by the golf swing. Such movements exert a great deal of stress on the hips. Though hip injuries in golf are not as common as wrists, shoulders, hands and back; still they are affected during your passion of golfing. Are you having a golf fetish? You may be amongst those golfers, who have suffered or are suffering from hip injuries. Have a reading journey of this page and grab info regarding hip injuries while golfing.

Causes of Hip Injuries in Golf

Immense twisting, turning and bending are required in golfing. The hips have to bear a lot of pressure because of these motions. With the overuse, the labrum can be torn. Most especially, when a golf swing is being executed with poor technique and hips are going through extreme power. When damage is caused to the labrum, the solidity of the femur in the joint of hip is lessened and possibly, fluid can seep from the joint. This results into friction in the hip.

Symptoms of Hip Injuries

With the onset of the hip injury, you feel an excruciating pain. When you have to bear load on hips, your pain turns worse. Activities in which you have to twist, turn or bend your hips cause all the more pain. The hip joint area, most possibly has swelling; maybe this swelling is not noticeable. In scores of cases of hip labral tears, symptoms are not obvious. Though, sometimes, you may experience any or more symptoms of the mentioned below-

  1. A painful groin or hip

  2. A sensation of clicking, catching or locking in your hip joint
  3. A stiff hip joint or one with limited range of motion

Treatment of Hip Injuries

Physiotherapy exercises can help to heal a small tear. Such exercises aid in strengthening the hip and thigh muscles. Arthroscopic or keyhole surgery can be needed by a more considerable tear. This surgery is instrumental for repairing up the impairment caused. Post-surgery, the patients may be required to walk with crutches for time of four or five days. Following the surgery, a number of golfers can come back to golf course after four or even six months.

Prevention of Hip Injuries

You can easily avoid hip injuries being caused to you by adequately warming up. If you are an amateur golfer, go under training to enhance your golf swing. It reduces the extent of strain on hips. Wearing insoles that provide ample comfort and support your feet arches at the same time. By doing so, you will be helping to spot-on your posture and are ready take the pressure of your hips. Be careful to regularly take breaks from golfing. Ensure that you sufficiently rest between sessions. The reason is that exhausted muscles and joints are more susceptible to injury. With these preventive measures, you can safeguard yourself against misery.

Hip injuries in golfers can be averted by numerous methods. After any hip injury, first of all rest your hip, leave jarring motions and revise your activity. With this account, you will be having a good deal of information about hip injuries of golf.