Becoming a golf professional is not something which one can decide over night. It requires full devotion, passion & years of hard work because the road of becoming a professional PGA golfer is very long and no doubt it gives the opportunity to earn big money. Apart from this, one can play for more years than any other sport.

PGA stands for “Professional Golfers Association”. This organization was established by Americans in 1968 & in 1975 it adopted the name “PGA Tour”. PGA Tour organizes 900 professional golf tournaments worldwide in a year. It unlocks the door to an exciting career in a sport. Winning a PGA Tour golf tournament is a great pride & a golfer who wins it, earns a tour card for a minimum of two years exemption, millions of money as well performance promotion award.

Following are some steps for becoming a PGA Golf Professional

  • Enter in some Golf professional training program: – This will help a golfer to practice the game of golf dedicatedly.
  • Play in amateur events: – Amateur means playing a sport for pleasure rather than for financial benefits. If a golfer wants to play in a PGA tour then one should firstly play in amateur events. By playing in this environment one will get confidence & will know whether one is capable of playing the golf to the next level. The more you play, the better your skill set will be polished. Amateur follow pro tips from golf guides zone and amateur golf events can be organized at school level, college team or state level etc.
  • Register for the PGA Tour: – Once a golfer gets confidence that he is ready to take the game at the next level, then they should begin the process of getting into PGA tour. It’s quite a long and difficult process. For that a golf player has to register himself as an assistant at an affiliated PGA Golf Faculty. Their trainees undertake a three year Foundation Degree in professional Golf studies-accredited by the University of Birmingham (Source: degree involves golf coaching, equipment technology, golf rules, marketing, tournament administration etc. Apart from this, a three year BA Honors degree in Golf management studies at the University of Birmingham also helps a golfer in pursuing senior managerial roles as well as helps in getting in PGA Tour.
  • Try to stay on the PGA Tour: – Every year a golfer have to play well enough to maintain the PGA Tour card because getting a tour card doesn’t give him a lifetime membership to remain on the tour. For that a golfer has to perform well and maintain the position in top 120 players.

Becoming a professional PGA golfer is not at all an easy task. A golfer has to be good in the game. The final conclusion is that it is possible to make a living from golf, but with great challenges.

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