The game of golf is affected by the golf greens. The performance of a golfer depends on the type of grass and its height. It is very essential to maintain the proper height of the golf grass to get good results. Most golf courses mow the grass on daily basis. Mowing the golf course is more complex than mowing the yard.

How To Cut Golf Green Grass

Instructions for cutting golf green grass are as follows

First decide the pattern to mow the grass. The most popular patterns are front to back, right to left and side to side. The pattern is decided by relevancy to the fairway. Right to left pattern will start from right corner of the fairway end and move towards the left back of the green.

The position of the mower should be at the bottom right corner of the green. Keep the mower front off from the ground when the reel is engaged. Start walking the mower towards the back left corner of the green. Place the front of the mower towards the back left corner of the green and place the front of the mower on the ground when fully on the green.

Lift the front of the mower off the ground when mower reaches the back left corner of the green. Make a 180 degree turn and go back to the golf green.

Position the mower in such a way that the cutting reel overlaps the first cut by about 3 inches. Walk the mower towards the bottom right corner of the green and place the mower front back down when on full green. Repeat this process zigzagging across the green. Repeat the process after the first half is over.

It would help if you position the mowers along the edge of the green. Cut a pass around the green while you follow the edges of the greens. Make the second pass in the opposite direction when the first is done. Make necessary passes to cover the ends of all passes.

Things to consider while cutting the golf greens

  • The height of the cut is important and it should be 2-3 inches for fall and 3-4 inches for summers.
  • The blades of the lawn mower should be sharp to have clean cuts. Dull blades tend to rip the grass and leaves and have bigger cuts. The grass is more vulnerable to pests and diseases.
  • Change the mowing direction of the cut every time to keep coarse grasses under control and ensure even surface.

How to determine the proper mowing height setting for a golf course?

Healthy turf is important for golf and it can be maintained by having proper leaf surface. The very important thing about grass is that when a part of leaf blade is removed, a substantial leaf surface is reduced. The leaves are also involved in photosynthesis and thereby determining the amount of food for the grass. The leaf surface produces a healthier root system. A well developed root system is required to have better nutrient uptake and water from the soil.

It is advisable to cut no more than 1/3 of the turfs leaf surface. Mowing includes cutting the yard with sharp and balanced blades. The clean cuts with sharp blades are easier to heal and the loss of moisture is less.

The height of the grass depends on the season and type of grass on the turf. Usually it is 20-40 mm in general and 30-40 for buffalo grass in summers.