Ladies Golf Club SetsWhether you are a professional golfer or an amateur, you need to have a comprehensive idea of the Golf clubs equipment and details of different Golf clubs. Especially if you are a learner and about to start playing Golf, it is very much important that you choose your Golf club sets carefully simply because the quality of the game depends greatly on the Golf club that you carry with yourself. While choosing the clubs for the ladies Golf club sets, you should consider a few things – like your height, your strength and your competency level. This is simply because the clubs in a professional’s bag will definitely not match with that of an amateur or learner. Here we will discuss the must have for the golf club bag of a lady and the parameters for choosing those clubs.

Woods – Woods are the ladies golf club sets that are meant for hitting the ball to long distances. The typical characteristic of the woods are long shafts and a heavy and large head. For a lady it is important that she have at least three woods in her bag – a driver, 3-wood and 5-wood.

Irons – The iron ladies golf club sets have flat angled face and shorter shafts than the woods. The iron clubs are used to play shots at rough surface. For the ladies it is most important to have at least seven iron clubs in her bag including – 3-iron, 4-iron, 5-iron, 6-iron, 7-iron, 8-iron and 9-iron.

Wedges – Wedges are special types of iron golf club sets that have greater loft than the iron clubs. A lady golfer should have a Pitching Wedge for playing the shot leading to the green or to play the high precision shots and a Sand Wedge to play shots at the sand hazards.

Putter – This is the club that is used to play the shots at the green and to play the ball to the cup. For any golfer it is must to have a putter at the bag as this is one special type of club.

These are the thirteen different clubs that must be there at the ladies Golf club sets. Apart from these clubs the player can choose one wood or wedge according to her preference as the official rule permits a golfer to carry 14 clubs while playing. While choosing the club you must consider the material of the club as the weight of the club is a crucial factor. Another thing that you need to be particular about is the golf club length. The length of the club or rather the length of the golf club shafts should be comfortable for you as well as help you get the desired swing and impact while hitting. The golf club sizing is therefore one issue that you need to carefully check. For choosing the right Golf club you can also read the Golf club reviews and compare the Golf club ratings. That will give you a fair idea of the Golf clubs for ladies available in the market. If you are looking for cheaper Golf clubs you can also opt for Golf club exchange that will surely save your money.