Golf dLarge Golf Driversrivers are used to tee off the ball and hence the main concern of the golfer while choosing a golf club driver is to select one that gives him/her the farthest distance. Apart from that the golf driver should be capable of helping the golfer to keep the ball out of the hazards and place the ball at the right places. Therefore, while selecting the driver you must be careful about the golf club head, shaft, golf club length, material and flex. This is commonly believed that large golf drivers are good to hit the ball to a greater distance but there are other implications as well. There are advantages as well as disadvantages of using large golf driver and you need to have a clear idea of the pros and cons before you actually purchase the driver for your golf club set. You need to make sure that the golf club driver gives you good carry while placing the ball where you want it to be. So, before you opt for the large golf drivers, let us have a comprehensive idea of different sizes and types of golf drivers.

How to Select Large Golf Drivers?

When we are talking about the size of the golf drivers, it is the size of the golf driver head that we are considering. There are mainly three different sizes of golf driver head that are commonly available of the shelves – Standard, Midsize and the Oversized.

Standard – The standard driver heads are about 150 to 155 cc in measurement. These drivers probable will give you the best control for your shot. As these standard drivers have a smaller sweet spot you will have to be more careful while hitting the ball and these drivers are the least forgiving.

Midsize – This is the size in between the standard and the large golf drivers. The measurement of these drivers is about 195 cc. It definitely has a bigger sweet spot and hence you can be a more secured with the shot without taking the trouble of swinging a heavier golf driver like the oversized or large golf drivers.

Oversized – These are large golf club drivers with the biggest golf club heads measuring up to 250 cc. These clubs have the largest of the sweet spot of any other golf club in the golf club bag of the professional golfers.

The large golf drivers are definitely good for hitting the ball to a great distance. They are easier to hit the ball as they have the largest of the sweet spots. But there is no doubt about the fact that the large golf clubs are heavy and difficult to control. Many golfer especially those who are new to the game, find it difficult to swing the club whiling hitting the ball with a heavier and large golf club head. As it is difficult to control the club it is often seen that the ball is loosely hit and lands at the wrong area. So, it is up to you and your control over the club that is important while choosing large golf drivers.