Left Handed Golf SliceWhen you look around you will find a handful of left handed golfers. In the world’s population there are about 15 % lefties, but you won’t find this much amount of left handed golfers. The common errors made by left handed golfers are the same like a right-handed golfer that is slice. You can easily find the golf tips for a right-handed golfer but where do you find the left handed golf slice tips? Most of the instructor say that if you are a left hander than flip all the instructions. But most of the time a golfer (left handed) remains helpless as it is impossible to flip the instructions that would fit him.

Some of the left handed golfers make the mistake of trying to play like right-handed golfers. Why they do this is difficult to understand but it may be because of finding difficulty to play like right- handed golfers. They have to think like a right-handed golfer all the time which is against their natural instinct.

What is Left Handed Golf Slice?

Left-handed golf slice is opposite of right-handed golf slice. As we know when a golfer takes a tee shot the ball tends to move in the right side of the direction. For left handed golfers the golf ball curves from right to left i.e. the opposite of right-handed golfers. A slice shot is generally caused by too much back spin on the ball. This shot is most common amongst the amateur golfers.

Reasons for Left handed golf slice –

The reasons remain almost the same for a left-hander golfer too. Given below are some of the reasons for slice shot in the golf:

  • Open club face at the impact
  • Taking the club back too far inside
  • Ball position at address is towards the right foot.
  • Not enough shoulder turn.

How to Cure a Left handed Golf Slice

One of the reasons that most golfers are not able to cure their slice shot is that they are not able to find out the real cause of it. So the first thing for curing a golf slice is to know what really the cause of your golf slice is. Once you know this then you can definitely cure your golf slice. The best way to find a good golf instructor by finding a person who can definitely tell you the correct reason for your slice by watching your drive shot.In addition the man can give you some proper methods to rectify those errors from your game.

In order to completely eliminate your left-handed golf slice you need to check your golf basics and work on them regularly. After all practice is the only way with which you can improve your game.