The picture of a golf course that is painted before our eyes is lush green and pleasing to our eyes. The grass should be ideally flawless and smooth but did the question ever pop up in your mind that ‘what makes all this possible?’

Golf course maintenance plays an important role in keeping up the allure and charm of the golf courses. The deep green color and the velvety feel of the golf course are a result of hard work of the golf superintendent in maintaining the golf greens. A lot of efforts are required to maintain such a charm in the golf course like keeping the golf greens free from disease and pests, watering them, fertilizing them and a series of other cultural practices. Every golf course has a maintenance schedule that is unique to itself.

Golf course maintenance is a combined job of the superintendent and the golfers. A golf course requires regular and proper maintenance. Proper awareness towards the fairways, greens, hazards, tees and the surrounding landscape plays a vital role in maintenance of the golf course.

Maintenance Schedule for Golf Course

  • The golf course requires aerating at least twice in a year. It improves the water holding capacity of the golf course soil and also prevents thatch formation.
  • Always ensure that the divots on the fairways are taken care of. Divots that come out as a patch should be replaced in order to allow the turf root to reattach and re-grow. The Divots that cannot be replaced should be replaced with the mixture of grass seed and water.
  • Bunkers should be raked in order to remove the club marks and footprints from the sand. The rake must be placed in an area of bunker and it will be out of the game.
  • Water hazards need maintenance of keeping them clean of any aquatic weeds. The water levels should be appropriate and any floating debris found should be removed.
  • Water the golf course once a day depending on the climatic requirements and other water requirements of the golf greens. Sprinkler systems and other systems like drip irrigation systems must be checked regularly for any faults as it may result in faulty irrigation of golf greens.
  • The debris and any waste material should be collected on daily basis so that the golf course remains spick and span. Golfers should be encouraged to keep the golf course neat and clean by using trash receptacles.
  • Maintaining the golf carts on the course is also very important. These carts requires minimum of two to three services annually. If you are using electric carts, the battery terminals and water levels should be checked every fortnight.
  • The arcs of the rotors should be adjusted regularly. Replace the worn out seals and nozzles as soon as you notice them. Moreover, the clogged screens and cracked cases should be fixed as soon as they are observed.

The above mentioned maintenance schedule gives a clear cut idea of the things to be included in the maintenance schedule of your golf course. Make one for your course now and reap long term benefits from it.