Northwestern Golf ClubsNo golfer whether a professional or an amateur compromises on quality while choosing the golf club equipment. There are so many golf club brands that are sold of the shelves and through the online golf stores and you can find the right golf clubs according to the requirement. All you need is a little knowledge about the golf clubs and have the patients to select the right golf club set. Amongst all the brands that are available in the market, the Northwestern Golf clubs are of fine quality. The company is the largest manufacturer of golf clubs and has a wide range of golf clubs in every category. Let us see what they have on offer.

Drivers – This are the clubs that are used to tee off the ball and meant to carry the ball to longer distance. Northwestern have kept that in mind while designing their drivers that are available in wide varieties. Their 450cc drivers that are made of graphite have a dome structure and designed to give the ball high launch angle, lower back spin that helps to carry the ball to longer distance. Apart from the graphite, the drivers are also available in titanium and alloy metals as well. They also produce the Plus 10 series of drivers that have larger golf club head is perfect for hitting the ball for greater distances.

Woods – Northwestern produces whole range of woods that are meant to hit the ball in the fairway and carry the ball to longer distances. They produce woods with different golf club lengths including 1,3,5,7,9,11. The woods come with head that are made with forged titanium metal and graphite shafts that are more flex in nature. It will definitely give the best possible impact when you hit the ball and that too with less power. Apart from the titanium Northwestern golf clubs, they also produce woods that are fitted with steel heads. Northwestern also have a complete range of hybrid woods that are designed to give your shot optimum precision with great carry.

Irons – The irons are meant to play shots that require great precision and hence why Northwestern has designed their Irons with 4 zone weighing system that distributes the weight of the club head perfectly. The muscle back irons made with stainless steel head are fitted with low torque graphite shafts and non slip grips to ensure maximum control over the shot. Apart from that Northwestern also produces hybrids that are designed to play shots at about any lie and still give you excellent precision of shot.

Putters – Northwestern have a wide range of putters made from stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and other metals. The putters are designed implementing the anti skid technology to ensure that ball does not bounce at the green and you get maximum precision while paying the shots to the pin.

You can choose each and every golf club from the wide range of Northwestern Golf clubs. Apart from the golf clubs, they also sell golf club sets that include top quality Northwestern golf clubs.