Oversized Golf Irons

The golf club irons are used by the golfers to play different kinds of shots at the golf course. The golf irons are used to hit the ball for long distances to the green. They are used to precision shots that are approaching the putting green. The irons are also used to play shots at the bottom of the hills and below the trees where the golfers need some elevation. The irons are also used to play shots from the rough and long grasses. This is the reason that a standard golf iron set contains as much as nine numbered irons and four different wedges – sand wedge, lob wedge, gap wedge and the pitching wedge. The standard golf irons come with head that has cavity back design. These golf iron heads are designed like a blade and have a small sweet spot. These irons are fine for precision shots as they offer great accuracy but since the club face is narrow the club has least forgiveness. A slightly off centre hit with the standard iron can eventually spoil the angle of the shot and the ball will land at a wrong place and that is something that a golfer will never want to happen. This problem can be solved with the oversized golf irons.

What are Oversized Golf Irons?

The oversized golf irons are designed with muscle back design that has large club face. With the larger club face than the standard golf irons you get a fairly wide sweet spot that increases the forgiveness of the iron to a significant level. So the chance of hitting the ball with the sweet spot fairly increases with the oversized golf iron. So even if you are not confident about your swing and still want to hit the ball for a great carry the oversized golf irons are just right for you. Moreover the larger golf club head design gives an added boost to the ball that also increases the distance of the ball. The design of the oversized golf irons places the centre of gravity of the club head to a deep and low position that makes it easier for the golfers to launch the ball in the air. So while you are hitting the ball to get an added elevation the oversized golf irons are always better than the standard sized golf irons. In short the oversized golf iron gives you better carry and elevation with optimum accuracy even with an off center hit.

While the standard golf irons are preferred by the professional players for their exceptional accuracy, the larger golf irons are best suited for those who do not have the control of a professional. The only problem with the oversized golf irons is the weight that is more than the standard golf irons. This problem can be reduced by opting for the titanium heads that are fairly low in weight than the steel heads or you can also go for the mid sized irons that have the same cavity back design, wider sweet spot but with less bulge.