To enjoy long hours on the greens, you need to be free from pain or any injury. It is wise to follow workouts like stretching and flexibility to ensure golf fitness and avoid any injuries resulting from golfing. Golfing asks for immense physical vigor. You need to possess flexibility and dynamic strength to keep injuries at bay. It is very common to get hurt while golfing but you can certainly avoid them. There are scores of workouts that protect you against golf injuries. To be precise, resistance training for preventing golf injuries is of utmost importance. Scroll down to know how you can safeguard yourself from injuries occurring because of practices on the golf greens.

Avoid Golf Injuries through Resistance Training

Several golf related injuries occur because of overuse or poor mechanics; especially among novice golfers or those who infrequently golf. Golfing places demands on the body. Such demands can result in golf injuries that eventually cause golfing injuries.  For being in good shape on the golf course, follow the tips mentioned below-

  • Warm Up Workouts

Before entering a golf round and after completing one, go for warm up workouts. They are instrumental in curtailing most of the common golf injuries. Elbow injuries are the worst in this case. Stay true to the workout routine and avoid this nagging injury trouble you.

  • Flexibility Workouts

Flexibility workouts, as the name suggests, increase elasticity of your body which helps in better and safe golfing. A few of such exercises involve the following –

  • Weight Training for Golf – It is mistaken by novice golfers that weight training is meant just for body building and shaping muscles. So, they stay away from indulging into such exercises and conditioning programs.  As a matter of fact, weight training works to boost flexibility for golfing and preventing golf injuries.
  • Golf Swing Exercise – Workouts for golf swing help in adding quick as well as efficient distance. So, go for golf swing workouts for flexibility to give a great golf swing shot, yet stay without any health problem, enjoying for long on the greens.
  • Stretching Workouts

These workouts are instrumental in conditioning and strengthening your muscles that you use the most while golfing. These are tailor-made especially for golf aficionados as they reduce pressure from the tendons that connect bones and muscles surrounding elbow region.

  • Core Golf Strength Workouts

These workouts not only prevent injuries but also make your golfing better. Many golf enthusiasts are unacquainted with these exercises. They are instrumental in muscle strengthening and conditioning, easing your golf playing.  Here are these workouts for power-packed golf swing and flexibility-

A core golf exercise generates a commanding golf swing. It concentrates on rotation. Your golf swing has your core as its engine. Core training for flexibility is crucial and enhances your power to swing as well as driving distance. If you don’t work to make your core flexible, you can’t create a complete backswing with minimum muscle tension.

To give your best on the golf course, it is necessary that you remain free from injuries. To be on your guard, you have to go under resistance training for preventing golf injuries. So, to remain in best of golfing health, practice these exercises and golf your best.

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