Golf is an international sport, where your appearance on the golf court does count. Most of the golf courses have some dress code for men as well as for women golfers; whether it is pants, shorts, skirts, and shoes with soft spikes. There are certain dress code for each season too. Here are some tips on winter golf wear for women. Nike, Cobra, Titleist, etc., have launched many different and comfortable series of winter golf wear for women. Buy the winter golf dresses as soon as summer is over. You might get some discount and offers for them.

Winter Golf Wear for Women

Winter style for golf clothing has improved in the past few years. The clothing fabric is available in various weights and sizes too. There are options like waterproof pants and jackets that are light in weight. You can wear the jackets on your non waterproof wear.

The waterproof pants and shirts are also available in the market. They will protect you from the dew in the winter mornings. You can wear it as on your main clothing or as a main outfit. Make sure that you will have enough cloths put on when to play golf in the winter, as the weather is unpredictable in this season. Nobody knows when it will turn from good to bad.

When you choose a top or shirt, it should be of dark colored in winter. Maroon, black, dark green, dark blue, etc., are elegant color choices for winter wear. Buy a sweater too. It will protect you from the cool winds and allow you to enjoy the game. Choose polyester or nylon sweaters, as they are light weight and able to protect you from cool weather.

Buy a dark colored cap. It is necessary to protect your head from the cold winds and dew that spread all over the golf ground in winter. It will look stylish too. Golf bobble hats are the popular choices of the golf lovers. Some companies also have launched umbrellas to carry on the golf court.

Gloves are the another important factor in winter golf clothing. Winter mitts help you to keep your fingers frost free. There are many types of gloves available in the market to keep your fingers warm on the golf ground. The perfect gloves make your grip perfect. Pick up gloves according to your dressing style and color.

Shoes are another must wear thing on the golf court. Winter months make the ground all wet. Most golf courses ask you to wear the metal spike shoes. They are much better than plastic, rubberized shoes. You can change the spikes if the old ones are damaged, to get new better ones. You can change it yourself or get it replaced from the shoe shop. Shoes are the investment that is worth. Walk around the store when you buy it to check the comfortability. Choose the shoes that are breathable. The perfect shoes will protect your feet from a wet golf ground. Make sure the shoes are waterproofed. Nowadays, most companies offer waterproofing for their shoes.

These are some must wear winter things besides clothing for women. With clothings given above, wear some moisturizer on the face and the body as dry, windy weather in the winter will make your skin dry. You should put on some sunscreen too. Sunscreen is not just for summer, because the winter sun combined with glares of snow can still harm your skin.

These are some tips on winter golf wear for women. Follow them and you are good to go.