Here you will find all the information pertaining to various aspects of a golf course right from its inception, at the stage of designing one to the point where it has been running for some years and needs some change in location of hazards or re layout of some holes.

A given golf courses are designed keeping in mind the local geography and topography and therefore the grass selection and the watering requirements of that particular species of grass become very relevant for a golf course manager.

In the articles below you will find a lot of information on maintenance, design and sustainability of a golf course:

  • Annual Rye Golf Grass : Rye grass is used in lawns, turfs and pastures. The grass has all the desirable qualities like bright green color, fast growing, versatile and prolific. This article on annual rye grass informs you about Sowing of annual rye grass and Maintenance of annual rye grass.
  • Back Yard Putting : Back yard putting greens are the handy way to practice golf. The back yard putting greens also add to the value of your house by adding attractive landscape features and thereby raising the housing values.
  • Bent Grass Golf : The article mentioned below focuses on the popularity of bent grass which adds on to the value of the golf lawns. Focus is also laid on the types of Bent grasses used on golf courses.
  • Bermuda Grass Golf : Bermuda grass is very popular for lawns, playing fields and golf courses. It is a summer season grass and which is highly in demand for golf courses.
  • Bermuda Grass Mowing Height : The quality of the turf depends on the mowing of the grass. When the part of the leaf blade is removed during mowing, the leaf surface is reduced
  • Care For Zoysia Grass on Golf Course : Zoysia grass is a highly versatile drought resistant grass used on golf turfs which requires very little maintenance after being established properly
  • Cultivation Practices for Putting Greens : Did you ever wonder about what happens, as putting greens area gets old? Well, many golfers just assume that once the green is built, the work is finished.
  • Grass Fertilizers for Golf Course : Golf grass plays a vital role when it comes to golf games. It determines the speed of your shots on the course. The putting greens, fair greens and the golf course need to be in good health and for sure it should look attractive.
  • Maintenance of Bent Grass on Golf Course : Bent grass is the most commonly found grass on the golf courses. It has beautiful fine textured blades, deep green color, thick density, and low growing habits. These grasses are always considered as the luxury golf grasses of the cool season.
  • Maintenance of Bermuda Grass on Golf Course : Bermuda grass is a major turf species for the sports fields, parks, golf courses, lawns, and many more. Bermuda grass is used to beautify the lawn, golf courses and other places of recreation.
  • Maintenance of Rye Grass on Golf Course : Keeping your grass green all through out the winter is indeed a big challenge. Rye grass is a grass which aids to keep your lawn beautiful throughout the year.
  • Maintenance schedule for Golf course : The picture of a golf course that is painted before our eyes is lush green and pleasing to our eyes. The grass should be ideally flawless and smooth but did the question ever pop up in your mind that ‘what makes all this possible?’
  • Pest management on Golf course : Golf courses should always be green and in a good condition. The health of the golf greens is of utmost importance as it affects the playability of the game
  • Synthetic golf course development : Synthetic golf courses can be called the need of the hour. Synthetic golf greens are becoming popular these days and a number of golf courses are using synthetic putting greens instead of the natural golf greens.
  • Tips for better golf green lawns : The Golf green lawn needs regular maintenance and care to remain attractive. This article gives you tips for better golf green lawns.
  • Things to do Before Contacting Golf Architect : this article on Things to do before contacting a golf architect informs you about the selection of the golf architect. It tells you about Things to see while you select golf course architect, a professionally designed course, etc.
  • Irrigation Systems for Golf Course : Golf course needs proper irrigation to maintain its beauty. This article on Irrigation systems for golf course informs you about Sprinklers for golf courses, Tee box irrigation and golf course irrigation systems.
  • How to Repair Divots : Divots are the scars left in the fairway when the iron shots dig up the turf during a shot. The turf that flies off is also referred to as divots. This article informs you how to repair divots.
  • How to Repair Ball Marks : Ball marks are the pitch marks made when the golf ball descends from the sky and affects the putting green surface. Repairing ball marks is very essential as these depressions cause the grass in the depression to die.
  • How to Rake Sand Bunkers : Sand bunkers are golf hazards most golfers fear. This article informs you about how to rake a sand bunkers and Tips for raking.
  • Golf Course Planning : Golf course planning is the phase that consists of analyzing the existing resources of the golf course property. In the given article, elements on the golf course like vegetation, soils, topography of the place are studied in great detail.
  • Golf Course Planning Principles : Golf course planning principles are related when you are considering construction of new golf course or expanding the existing one. They include, General planning of the golf course, Planning of Hole length, Golf greens, Fairways and roughs on golf course, Bunkers, etc.
  • Golf Course Grass Maintenance : This article on Golf course grass maintenance tells you about maintaining golf greens. It covers various topics like Irrigation of golf greens, type of golf grass, Fertilizer application to golf grass, Mowing of golf grass, Weeding of golf course, Aerating or dethatching golf lawn and integrated pest management on golf course.

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