Junior golfers are more than enthusiastic about golfing. If you are a junior golfer, you need to have initial signs of commitment, discipline and brilliant potential. These characteristics will help you build a golden future in golfing. With the course of time, you become mature emotionally; develop gaming techniques and mental skills along with your golf swing development. You just need to know how to minimize the risk of injury in junior golfers and you can continue with long golfing hours. Scroll down to get hold of such ideas.

Lessening Injury Risks among Junior Golfers

Junior golfers can lessen the risk of getting injured by following the steps mentioned below-

  1. Proper Guidance– Get apt instruction about proper exercise form as you start with a golf strength training program. Provide instruction for good technique and safety and supervise. Maximum gyms provide a junior program. Proper lifting methods are taught there. Golf training for juniors emphasizes on lessening injury risks and maintaining lifetime fitness.
  2. Strength Training– Go for strength training rather than weight lifting. Junior golfers should make a start with exercises emphasizing on muscle groups and motion patterns that replicate real life movements like pull-ups and push-ups. While using weights, choose light ones and better repetitions. See that the movement quality is not compromised for the sake of more repetitions.
  3. Do Warm-Up– Always follow exercises with a warm-up session. Muscles work better for strength training when the body is warm, thus risk injury is lessened. For best results, complete your work-out with some light stretching.
  4. Take Rest– You can develop endurance and strength with 2-3 sessions in every 7 days. Never overlook the need of proper rest as it promotes remodeling, rejuvenation and repair processes. Between workouts for strength training, always keep 1-2 days for proper rest.
  5. Track your Progress– Maintain a notebook to record your progress. After every session, enter a few notes in it about your workout regime. Monitoring the exercise progress helps you gain a quick idea about your achievement so far and how you have to work for progress.
  6. Be Consistent, Bring Variety and Enjoy– Keep trying to add some new workouts to your exercise routine. Find out the exercises that can be best enjoyed and repeat them. Keep adding new ones after every few weeks and maintain the freshness of exercising.

Teenage Golfers

When junior golfers enter teenage, their strength training turns vital. They may also have club fitters, swing coaches and sports psychologists. Often golfers, at their college level, work out 5-6 days every week with their strength coaches.

Junior golfers especially need suitable supervision and correct technique. It helps in curtailing injury-risks. Use elastic bands to have resistance for exercises focusing on golf. Using these guidelines with those mentioned in the account above, you exactly know how to minimize the risk of injury in junior golfers. Therefore, by getting your junior golfers introduced to good golfing fitness and health and focusing on improvement of their self-esteem, motor skills and overall emotional and physical health you can give them a great golfing experience. Who knows, they can be the next golf stars!

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