The name of Rory McIlroy does not need an introduction. Rory McIlroy is the youngest star golfer and his name is celebrated in the golf world. In his golf career, he has risen himself to the level of official world rankings on amazing 14th place. Here are the specific aspects of his swing sequence.

  • The Beginning

When Rory McIlroy began with his game, most of the times he used to conjure up genius shots all around the golf greens. His temperament was composed and his style was possessed with a natural instinct that he used to view and give the correct shot.

For 4 years, Rory was a part of ‘Team Faldo’, which was elite team of youngsters. During training, he used to produce more backspin. Also, he used to hole a long putt somehow against the odds. His swing constantly improved and helped him climb to the top. He shapes shots on the greens, an expertise which speaks leaps and bounds for Rory’s style of game.

  • Fine-tuning of his Skill

Initially Rory’s backswing was disturbed as lower and upper bodies lacked co-ordination, as his coach told. It was only because of his instinctive and fast hand action that he was saved from inconsistency. Today his arm, hand and body action are properly sequenced. This acts as a frame giving way to amazing hand action for working through the ball in a free manner.

  • Rory’s Technique

His alignment, getting his shoulders, knees, hips and legs parallel to the target is his main focus at address. He aims left, opens a little and maintains a sporty posture. A great checkpoint for him is to see the clubhead down the line, covering his hands while passing through the point where the shaft is parallel to the target line and stays horizontally to the ground.

  • Rory’s Posture and Angle

Rory keeps his posture as well as spine angle to the top of his neutral, more compact and on-plane backswing, nicely flexed. The clubface remains square to his left arm and wrist at the top.

This is a wonderful opening moves’ sequence as Rory begins his swing with his arms, upper body and the club working in unison and in a flowing rhythm. Until the club hits the horizontal, where his wrists naturally hinge up while his upper body coils against his lower body; his hands keep resting.

The golf star appears to be prepared for a little draw keeping hands ahead of the ball and the ball position to some extent back than normal. Allowing the club experience the impact is his aim. Also, he targets to swing closest to 100%. His right side is firm against the braced right knee and his weight is on the inside of the right leg. This is a nice position for other golfers to copy.

Employing a light grip pressure is Rory’s style to make sure that an unrestrained hand release by the ball, keeping his hands in perfect position through the impact.

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